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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thrift Store Find and Holiday Cheer...

Today I'm going to combine my nicest find of the week with what I've been up to, which is applying for holiday fairs...
Some of you do the Thrift Store thing, some tag sales, garage sales or all three..
I pretty much confine myself to thrift stores, since all the good sales are on Saturdays, when I am usually at my Farmer's Market, or it's raining, in which case, it all gets cancelled...
Today thought I'd claim bragging rights on this little dolly daybed frame- well, that is what I am assuming it you can see from the picture it is as wide as a door (27 inches), and about 29 inches high..the filmy curtains are all attached to the ruffled canopy, and the whole thing can be removed, or left tied open as here..
Now those of you who have been paying attention know that I am single and childless, so what is this lovely item's first I thought about using it as a plant stand..then realized if I make a little "mattress" for it, it will be perfect for a baby hat display..right now, I have them stacked in a big basket, but it makes them hard to see, so this will be perfect for spreading them out, and it is very cute!
What did I pay for it..well, let's see, the white enamel finish is perfect on it, and believe it or not it all folds up flat (perfect for setting up/taking down at a craft fair!)..oh, it was, um....$2.50!
I'm on the books for three holiday fairs, so we'll see what else is going on, but I think that is more than enough, along with my Saturday weekly Market...really, I can't understand how anyone gets bored with retirement, I'm crazy busy!
Any good finds lately?

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