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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Party's Over...

Although the news isn't great, I still had an interesting time at my three day craft fair..and have some pics to share, although their quality is less than desirable....the first is of my table..I brought way too much and it showed..have to come up with a better plan..but then I was actually planning on selling lots,and that didn't hapen due to the extremely low attendance at this fair..location, location, location is not just a boring ol''s unfortunately too we painfully learned..
The second picture is from our oldest crafter's table..he is 84 and still does this beautiful glasswork..he sat on a sofa next to his table with his partner, Lenae, and they held hands and whispered to each other, so very sweet...she and I had a great conversation about being ex-Yanks, and since she grew up on a farm in Kanasas I teased her and called her Dorothy...
The next picture is my pal Amanda's table, and she's wearing one of my cloches..she's going to become my first (and only) live her "look" in my hats..
The last picture is what I thought was the absolute best item for a small child at the fair..a stuffed furry bunny rabbit with it's own Cowichan sweater..Cowichan sweaters are knit in patterns that the First Nations people of this area have been famous for for many decades..I live in the Cowichan Valley, so we are all intrinsically tied together..
I am going to do a blog on this subject soon, because the Cowichan people have wonderful visual arts to share with the world..they deserve a wider audience.
Next blog I'll feature what I bought at the fair..little enough, since I didn't have much disposable income with very little business..but that's something that craft fair attendees have to deal with occaisionally..


  1. Oh so many pretty colors...and the bunny is cute too...yeah, I'm kinda partial to


  2. Even tho U may have taken too much the table was still very colorful.