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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How About a Reverse Grinch This Season?

I spent this moning dropping off a few hats to a Women's Centre, for them to sell in their retail store as a fundraiser, in Duncan, the neighboring town where I sell at the Farmer's Market on Saturdays..
This was, for all intents and purposes, my Christmas presents to be given this year..
I thought I'd share my own Christmas experience for 2010 with my readers, since all of the blogs I read are full of wonderful decorations in the home, ideas about Christmas crafts, recipes, stories about kids, grandkids and families, etc. etc...In other words, the usual..
But I'm different..a single, childless early retiree sneaking up on what is referred to as her senior years, but frankly, psychologically kicking and scratching all the way, like a wet cat in a wringer, and I have to say that it gets to be a bit daunting for those of us who have no families or even friends in their new home towns to share the holiday season with..
Do not think that I am complaining, or giving anyone a hard time for their traditional Christmas feasting and partying..I'm not..the choices I had to make to live here were conscious ones, and I don't regret moving here for a second, but remember the name of my blog...
All I'm trying to say is, for those of you who have insanely busy lives, crowded with people that you love or at least like (or are related to, and have to pretend a fondness you don't feel) that there are many of us out here in the world who don't, by choice or chance, have the same experience of the holidays..
If you could find it in your heart to cut these folks some slack (and I'm betting you all know at least one) it would be a lovely gesture to include them, that is, if they aren't like me and generally turn down such offers, but I'm a tough old nut at Christmas..I know that many people would love the chance to feel part of would add little or no cost to your celebration, but would be a wonderful present to someone who might otherwise be sitting in front of the tube with a beer and a microwave burrito..think about it.
And to all of you who read this blog, whether it's a turkey, ham, tamales or whatever your own 'feast' and party entails (or not) I would like to wish you all the very best of the Season, and an even better New Year to come!


  1. That is such a great reminder to us all! Not everyone is part of a large family (I never had kids either, so I can relate to you on that count!), or have lots of friends where we live. I know for myself that when I was single, Christmas wasn't always all that happy. So I do realize that many people are more than ready for the holidays to be over with! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and a very happy New Year!!

  2. I swear if I lived anywhere near you, I'd be dragging you down the street to my house. If your EVER in Southern Cali...please look me up and we'll drag ourselves out to dinner or something!

    Peace and Merry Merry!


  3. Merry Christmas mizdarlin. I hope you get lots of tamales in your Christmas stocking.