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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In the Rain Forest, No One Can Hear You Scream...

Just kidding...sorta. I am a constant subservient victim to the weather forecast- I have Environment Canada's widget on my Home Page, I watch two different newscasts (with totally different weather reports about 50% of the time, both often wrong) and every online newspaper I glance at daily (quite a few, actually) again have their own educated but wildly differing opinions about the weather..
This is usually only critical to farmers and skiers, but for those of us who attempt to sell weekly, outdoors, the ever-changing weather of the Northwest Temperate Rainforest can make me intemperate at a moment's notice..
This week, my entire apartment has been draped in hats, in a canopy top that is 10'X10', 11'X11' bug curtains that go around the sides of my tent and marginally protect from showers, but not heavy rain, and all of them needing to be dried out following the disaster that happened last Saturday, about half-way through the Market, when a perfectly acceptable cold but clear day turned into Noah's flood..
The thing about yarn is that it absorbs moisture from the air, so even if, technically, it doesn't actually get wet, or rained on, there is still a bit of the wet stuff trapped within it's folds, so each and every hat on display had to be left 'out' in my fortunately overly dry apartment until all traces of dampness were excised..
This Saturday, our last outdoor Market until March of 2011, the weather has been predicted to be, from Monday to today (Wednesday, Dec 15) by turns rainy, sunny, windy, and now showery..and I have to reserve a spot three days ahead..not really doing anything but guessing what the weather will be doing..hoping against hope that, whatever the prognostication, they will either be very wrong in the case of rain, or very right in the case of clear and possible even sunny (the forecast for Friday, of course!)
The ancient Romans gazed upon the entrails of birds, or you can cast coins and avail yourself of the I Ching, but even the Farmer's Almanac is strangely silent on long term guessing games for my locale..
A fortune teller with her crystal ball or Tarot cards would probably be just as accurate..
Fingers crossed...

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  1. Well, I sure hope you have better weather at your next sale! I know just what you mean about those unpredictable weather forecasters. Here in Michigan, they even "predict" the hour that it will begin raining or snowing! Oh, I hope you go to Quebec City some day! You will love it! It has such a quaint, European village feel to it, but it is not an inexpensive place to visit!!