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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Last Craft Fair of 2010..

Well, at least, my last craft fair, as far as participation goes..
This fair, or market, is at Providence Farm, another wonderful organization here on Vancouver Island..not only do they have locums from all over the country, learning about market gardening, but they help those who need it most..
Providence Farm also has therapeutic horseback riding, and sells their produce at my Saturday Farmer's Market..the two pictures above, and the one at the right, are all from their website...
I really appreciate the fact that so many of the craft fairs I participate in are benefit events for organizations that give back without being preachy, or demanding anythng of those they help..
Saturday is supposed to be (dare I post this?) sunny and clear! After the early winter weather we've been experiencing, it would certainly be nice not to have to struggle down the highway in pelting rain or chilly fog, dodging black ice for 20 miles...
So if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi..


  1. Wish i could be there dodging stuff with you!

    be careful you!


  2. But of course this means a whole new year of craft fairs starts all over again, lol.