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Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Presents to Myself...

I said in a previous blog entry that I would share my few purchases from that semi-disasterous first craft fair- and here are the first ones..
the woman who created these used tiny bits of stained glass the way most people use tiles in mosaics-glued to a piece of glass, then grouted when complete! With such a beautiful result, each approx.5X7 inches.....When I first saw them I was surpised they were framed, with backing cardboard and easel-type stands-it seemed to me that you would want the light to pass through them-so that's what I did with mine-removed the backing stuff, and, though I tried to remove them from the frames , it couldn't really be done without damaging the edges, so for now, they'll stay framed until I can arrange to have them redone or find the wherewithal to do it myself- my idea was to frame them in thin black metal, one on each side of a centerpiece of clear glass (patterned) with hanging eyes at the top, so it could be suspended by clear strong fishline in a window..but till then, I can see them this way, more or less through my wildly blossoming Christmas cactus..another picture of which I included, just because.


  1. What a great idea to remove the backing. Hope it works! Your Christmas cactus is gorgeous! Mine just began blooming, it's hot pink and so pretty! Have a good weekend!

  2. Really pretty! So sorry I haven't popped by in a while! I had a disastrous craft fair myself a week or so ago - don't ask! ;)