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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to All my American Friends!♥!♥

Although some memories fade over time, the Thanksgivings of my childhood, in the 50's in Southern California, remain..the confusion of a house overheated with bodies and an all-day oven, and the glorious food that came magically to our tables..some of it not so appreciated at the time (still hate yams with marshmallows!) but most of it rarely-experienced treats in a semmingly never ending feast that had me groaning in pain afterwards, from eating so much, falling asleep on big pillows on the rug in the living room, while watching TV with the men..
My father and I used to have a mock 'fight' about who got the thigh (there were, after all, two) and, since most of those present wanted white meat, we had our fill of the dark...

Were turkeys more massive then? They seemed as big as me, but then, I was small..
All I could really think about was the pumpkin pie..loved it then, and still addicted to it in the winter months...

Hope all your memories of Thanksgiving past are as good, and that all your Thanksgivings will be as wonderful as mine were, then...


  1. Thank you dear. I hope you are soon over that nasty cold.


  2. Thanks so much! I should be more up on things, but is there a Canadian equivalent of Thanksgiving?

  3. Yes Donna but ours is in October-north of the 49th, harvest comes earlier, but being an old ex-Yank, can't help but remember what it was like...

  4. thanx...yes good the time my father forgot to take out the turkey to defrost and threw it in the bathtub to hot water...and all the butter came out of the butter ball turkey...or the time he drank wine the whole time he was cooking...and EVERYTHING taste like Ahhh yessss...good times!!