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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Do Feel Guilty..sorta...

Haven't posted in over a week..long time for me, but, really..not much to add to the general creativity going on here in bloggerland..
I am more or less trying to gear myself up to start making jewelry for Spring..and a bit to sell at my weekly (currently indoor) Farmer's Market, but made still another hat instead..well, needed a child-sized one to replace some I sold..
Do you ever get that maker's version of writer's block? Drives me nuts.. keep sitting around, thinking about what I should be doing, but all I end up doing is crocheting..maybe it's guilt-crochet, don't know..other times when I should be crocheting (the Fall) I am obsessed with making jewelry..wish I could control it..
Also, January doldrums are here, full force..I really need some good news, hysterically funny stories..something to wake me up..any suggestions?
(Keep it clean...)

My Guilt is Semi-Assuaged- Part 2...
Read the above, got disgusted with myself and decided to force myself to the jewelry table..
6 pairs of earrings later, here's a couple of the latest ones below...
Too much like work (;oD

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