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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Sweet Little Mystery...

Here are some photos of two little dolls I've purchased at a thrift shop, and a flea market, respectively..
The first has the most amazing costume, with some mysterious items in her headress, and beautiful hand embroidered apron, as well as layers of sewn lace, rick-rack, and other embroidered ribbon..I'm showing lots of views of her in the hope that someone out there in the Interwebs will know where she's from..
Because of her hand-embroidered apron, which looks very much like some other handmade things I have from Hungary, I'm just wondering if that is where she is old Magyar doll from the 40's or 50's???
The second one has her original tag, so I know a bit about her origins..
The company name is Happy Dolls..and the little heart-shaped tag says 'Made in England'..she is hard plastic, so I don't think she was made any later than the 1970's, but I am no doll expert..just wondering if anyone out there knows about these type of dolls..
I tried to capture a photograph of what her tag says, but if it's unreadable, here it is:
"I am a little Welsh girl and my name is Bronwen
I love music, and sing at our National Elsteddfod. My costume is made from genuine Welsh Flannel from Welsh Mills."
She also has a number at the top of her tag, T.78
When I tried to find her on the 'Net, I only found another doll, with the same tag number, but she looked totally different, so must be another version..this company seems to have produced many "International" style of dolls. When I was young (back in the Jurassic Age) such dolls were popular, but I never remember seeing one like this..
I found her interesting for several reasons, not just her "genuine" textiles, which really are quite interesting, but also the position of her stance..although her arms move, her legs do not, and they remind me of nothing so much as a Gaelic dancing pose, such as "Riverdance", if you know what I mean..
Also, her dark hair and olive-toned complexion (with painted blue eyes!) are a real departure from the blonde haired types of images you often see, and, after all, Katharine Zeta-Jones, a great dark haired beauty, is from Wales..
So, this is my little mystery for today..I think I've gone as far as I can to figure out these little women, and must throw myself on the mercy of the Web..if anyone knows anything, would you please share?

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