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Monday, February 14, 2011

I Wish Every Day Could Be Like Yesterday!

After a remarkably unsuccessful day trying to sell old jewelry and whatnots at my local Flea Market, (where we probably had 40 'customers' come in during a horribly heavy rain day,) I was sore and exhausted on Sunday morning when I woke up...miserable in fact...
But something kicked in, and suddenly I started making things madly, and two bracelets and a necklace, one wild and crazy hat later, I sat back and thought, "Where did all that come from?"
I can remember that conventional wisdom in the last two centuries was that artists had to starve and be miserable to be creative, and if Van Gogh or Beethoven are any example, you could understand where such a theory came from...but was that it? Certainly no one looking at me would ever assume starvation...
Really, when happy and healthy, I want to go somewhere and find some social or artistic stimulation, often as an impetus for creative challenges, later; but maybe I've been going about it all wrong...perhaps aching misery and depression are truly the answer.
It's been theorized before that the baby boomer generation was the direct result of all the horror and death experienced by the world during WW2, an almost reflexive affirmation of life...that could be part of it too..affirming creativity in the face of the world seemingly standing firm against you, at least temporarily.
Whatever the root causes of this little burst of creative energy, I'm grateful for it, because sell or don't sell, I can feel a tremendous satisfaction in knowing that nothing has discouraged the 'process' of creating out of my system.


  1. I am loving your necklace, MzDarlin! Creating for me is therapeutic, too! Whether I am having a good day or not. Just don't go cutting your ear off:) Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. I promise, Donna,and Happy Valentine's Day to you too!