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Friday, February 18, 2011

This ridiculous Weather...

Forget everything you thought you knew for certain about Canadian weather...even if you live in Canada..this time of year, you need a scorecard!
Amidst dire warnings of snow (possibly) or heavy rain (probably) one cannot plan a darn thing more than two hours in advance..and, the weather reports are almost always wrong!
Every time I think it's the right sort of weather to give up on hats and scarves and start getting my jewelry supplies in, sure enough, Murphy's Law (poor ol' Murphy, scapegoat for the universe!)kicks in, and the weather goes into a deep chill...or not..worse than someone who changes their outfit twelve times, never happy with whatever they have on (..guilty!)
Today it was supposed to snow for awhile, and then rain..although it was a bit chilly this a.m., of course neither 'event' happened, and I can only hope, now, that it at least stays cool for a bit, so I don't have to dig out my Spring stuff, yet again, only to have to pack it up and put it away...
Not a huge bummer, when considering world events, I know..but it's my bummer, and I embrace it, fully.

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  1. Honey I'm ready for spring! More snow in the forecast here for tomorrow. We had a gorgeous two days this week but what a fluke - now we're back to the god-awful snow!

    xo, Jeanine