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Friday, February 25, 2011

Being Creative in Bad Weather

We were just gifted with a freak snowstorm lasting a couple of days and for dessert we were given an icy Arctic outflow that, although the skies are crystal clear now, lends a fierceness to the air you breathe...
About the only advantage to this sort of stuff is that I seem to get an awful lot done when I absolutely can't go anywhere..
Made lots of new jewelry and a couple of hats, which I'll show here, but the thing that I like the most was a little photo I took this morning during breakfast. It's a beautiful sunrise reflected in the next door neighbors' patio window.
I've often nticed this over breakfast, but most of the time I'm too sleepy to get up and get the camera..not today!
This shot was taken across my houseplants, who live on my dining room table..and it's kind of a neat effect to have the plants inside, taking a picture of a reflection outside, and all of it through glass, too.
My hanging art glass things are in there, too, and I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out..tell me what you think?


  1. Your way too ambitious so early in the morning. It's all I can do to eat breakfast. I think cali is getting that Artic chill this weekend...the news says is gonna snow in places that haven't seen it in 60 years....Thank goodness for hot


  2. For a week or so it was actually nice here. Almost 70 degrees one day. Then it snowed again. Only about an inch tho, but now it's cold again. I blame you Canadians. Yes I am sure it is your fault. You and your Canadian cold fronts. Not happy to shiver and shake all by yourself, oh no, got to spread it around and ship it off to other places. Gee, thanks a lot!

    Love the earrings!


  3. interesting, Yanks call it a "Canadian" cold front, and we call it an "Arctic" cold front..
    wonder if they call it an El Norte muy Frio in

  4. Well you know we Americans always have to blame someone else, lol. Take German cockroaches for instance. WE call them German cockroaches but there are no cockroaches in Germany.