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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Outdoor Farmer's And Crafter's Market Re-Opening...

Despite the fact that it's still chilly and the weather is, to put it generously, serendipitous in this stretch of the woods, my Saturday Market is reopening the Saturday after next, and I couldn't be happier..
I've decided to put a bunch of my older stock on sale (hats, scarves, etc.) so watch this blog in the coming days and I will start posting pictures and prices of sale items... these items will be on sale online as well as in person at the Market, same deal applies to prices that shipping to the US and Canada will be included in the sale price..
The pictures currently posted are not sale items, but just my newest creations..
I'll probably start marking down the hats online in the coming week, so after March 13th, you can check online and see if the one you coveted is on sale.
Custom work and regular prices will continue as well.


  1. Best of luck with the upcoming farmer's market! I am in love with your dragon fly necklace, it's just gorgeous!

  2. Did you change blog colors? Or am I just hallucinating?