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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Considering what has just happened in both New Zealand and Japan, thought I'd repost this (taken from another blog-I'll post it at the end if you want to read the whole thing) and hopefully give some of my readers the incentive, at the very least, to get a basic emergency kit together for you and your families..
It certainly seems more critical than ever, now, to be prepared..

Flashlight (crank or shake)
- Multitool with seatbelt cutter and window breaker
- Maps of your city, surrounding areas, state map
- Compass
- Flares
- Ice scraper
- Gas can
- Blankets and/or space blankets and/or lightweight sleeping bags
- Large container(s) of water or large pack of individual bottles
- Tool kit
- Shovel (small collapsible works)
- Backpack containing:
- Metal or Nalgene waterbottle
- Rope or paracord
- Duct tape
- Wet wipes/baby wipes
- Lightweight, high-energy food (tuna pouches, granola bars, trail mix, peanut butter)
- Teabags, instant coffee, Gatorade powder, etc.
- Hand sanitizer
- Chemical "hand warmers"
- Spare clothing (socks, underwear, a pair of sneakers if you wear dress shoes a lot)
- Fire-making tools (lighter, matches, magnesium block, etc.)
- Metal cup (for boiling water


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I hadn't seen it before. Considering I live on Long Island which is of course an island (maybe not an exotic one - lol!) and we are not immune to these things.

    And yes, the hubby LOVES to go garage sale shopping with me. So do the two boys. Funny, I see a lot of men at sales here. Most of them are dealers or collectors looking for bargains to re-sell in their antique shops and such.


  2. I keep telling myself and the hubster that we need to do this and we have good intentions never gets done. Perhaps I should pay attention now...thanks you!