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Friday, March 25, 2011

Got Them Ol' Display Head Blues, Again...

One of the joys and frustrations of attempting to sell your wares is trying to find a way of displaying them that isnt too acrylic-polished, or too boho...which is more what I'm like, but have to figure out how to appeal to a wide range of buyers, both online and in person at my weekly market..
Due to the lack of anything affordable, I'm currently using styrofoam heads that I papier mache over with tissue of various colours and patterns, and they look great..
When it comes to jewelry, though, things can be tougher..
My earring stands are old 'decor' type items that just happen to have areas to hang lots of earrings..they are both variations on the theme of birdcages, the tops lift so I can store the wee organza bags I use to sell or ship them in, and both have a bird on top as a finial, so don't have to feel guilty about using birdcages..I know, I know, so call me neurotic, can't stand the thought of locking up a bird in a cage...
No, my problem, so far, has been affordability in regards to two items...bracelet displays and a child's display head for hats..
I have a small ceramic head I use for pictures, but not only is it not entirely satisfactory as a model, but I can't bring it with me to the outdoor market..ceramic, doncha know..
I did search eBay this morning, and if I wanted to spend almost $500 I could have a lovely one..but I don't..
I tried 'cutting' down a woman's styrofoam unmitigated disaster..
So now I am relegated to using a large styrofoam ball, papier-mached to an old candle holder as a child's hat display..still unfinished in the image above this..
If anyone out there in blogland knows where I could get an actual child's display head, preferably some sort of plastic or vinyl (shipping costs for plaster, cement, etc. are only for lottery winners) used is fine, even if it needs a bit of work..especially all you garage sailors or flea market afficianados..I surely would appreciate it!
Now I know they are out there, but where?


  1. I like the bird cage. That's pretty cool.


  2. Just wondering if you ever found one. I found your blog while I was searching for a child styrofoam head!