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Friday, April 1, 2011

..I've Found a New Place to Dwell..

Finally, I'm in packin' and leavin' mode..
Found a wonderful new place to live, on level ground so won't have so much trouble carrying stuff up and down stairs, walking the equivalent of a block with heavy laundry, and back and forth several times a day with my Market set-up on Saturdays...hooray!!
Now I need to stop all that second-handing, junking and garage-sailing for awhile and start planning one of my own..I probably have an entire roomful of stuff I could easily live without right now, and I have to figure out how to 'get tough' with myself..
May not be a TV reality show-worthy hoarder, but my 'stuff' increases exponentially with the amount of room I have, and since my new place, at least inside, is somewhat smaller, have to get rid of lots of great stuff...well, thought it was great stuff at the time!
Have to figure out what to do with all my crafting stuff in my new place..I could use one of those people who stop by and show you great ideas for storage- of course, it would have to be Oprah paying for it, too...
So all of you who blog about your wonderful finds at estate sales, flea markets, and yard and garage sales, too. spare a kind thought for me..I'll have to live vicariously through you until I'm settled in my new place..wonder if I will have to go through withdrawal symptoms... :(


  1. Congrats on your new place.

    I admit I am not a big garage sale/yard sale type person. I haven't bought anything at a yard sale since probably 1992 or 1993. The last yard sale I was at was helping my friend to sell at hers. I did however buy some video tapes from neighbor's yard sale a few years ago because I knew they needed the money but it's not like I had to go far to get to this one it was two housed down.

    Everyone thinks what they have brought home is good or they wouldn't have brought it home. Consumerism is what makes the world go 'round. Everyone consumes. Everyone makes mistakes or "bad buys" or regrets having gotten something as well. So they get rid of it and probably go on to get something else. This is all a part of consumerism too. It's a vicious cycle but in a money based society it's a necessary one.

    Lately however flea marketing and second handing just freaks me out. I believe it is one reason for the bedbug epidemic that is sweeping the U.S. right now. People buy second hand matresses and furniture and bring it home and it has bedbugs. And buying in a store what sells both used and new items like this and you buy the new there is still no guarantee that you won't get bedbugs because guess what they haul the used and the new stuff in the same trucks, store it in the same warehouses, and sell it on the same store floor. Since I had that staph infection last year it has turned me into a germaphobe and it has given me a whole new perspective, or phobia, whatever on buying or bringing home used stuff. Clothing can be washed I guess. I bought a blouse at my friend's thrift store the other day actually. Some things you can look at like jewelry and know it's ok. But I am very picky now about what I buy and bring home. It freaks me out to even stay at a motel now I hate to say it although I do. They have bedbugs too. No way would I buy used bedding or a matress or even furniture now since I saw the tv show about bedbugs and how you get them.

    I know I am just happier at this stage of my life with less stuff. If I could get rif of even more stuff I would and I probably will. The less stuff the less you have to take care of it and dust it and clean it and store it and the happier I am. I am not saying I absolutely would not buy at flea markets and yard/garage sales, but I would be picky and choosy about what I did buy. Another reason I don't go to them is that I simply do already have enough stuff of my own without dragging home every one else's.

    So I am afraid I can regale you with tales about my doing all this stuff, lol. But I can wish you much happiness in your new digs, which I do.


  2. Well OK I found something to regale you with after all. We went down into our Old Market tonight to a vintage store called the Flying Worm. They sell vintage, stuff that is new but looks vintage, new stuff that looks like cheap crap, and some new stuff that is ok. I got a little suede purse with seude flowers on it and fringe hanging off the bottom (it was new not vintage) and two pair of fuzzy socks with flower power flowers all over them (new also and not vintage). Here's a link to the store.


  3. Well ok then mizdarlin that's the last time I show you my worm.



  4. I've been going through sale withdrawls all winter. One thing that helps is my huge stash of good stuff I don't have room to display. Each day I can open a box and discover old treasure that I still enjoy as much as a new find.