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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Weird Day at the Market in the Square

Granted, yesterday wasn't my first day back outside, maybe my third or fourth, but the weather was so strange that it seems the average shopper thought better of it and stayed home..
It started out gray and chilly, but here on the West Coast of Canada we dress for that, this time of year, and a very grim Spring made us wary of throwing on the shorts and sandals just yet...
Later it was cloudy, windy, with the odd peek of the sun, lasting maybe five minutes, maybe less..and then it got downright epic.
The fun started- hail, and plenty of it, impossible, in an open canopy, to dodge or protect against it..what had already been a not so great day, financially, got worse by the minute, as everything was soaked..remember, I sell crocheted stuff, and it sucks up moisture in the air like a thirsty sponge, and rain and hail don't help either..great for keeping you warm and mostly dry, but...
I am currently sitting here surrounded by hats, on every available surface, that had to dry out overnight..just one of the many joys and sorrows of outdoor selling.
Because I sell alone, I can't always wander around and see what's going on, but it was slow yesterday, so took a few pictures to bring to you so you can get a sense of the people who create things to sell..a bit too early for the farmers to be here with their vast bins of produce, but i will produce more images as the season progresses..happy creating!
The first image is a side view of my little booth, no point in boring you with details of that. The next is Danusia and her wild mushroom booth - we are kinda famous here for having a wide variety of wild and edible mushrooms on this Coast- and she picks, dries and sells these in a dizzying variety.. the next is a booth of the woman who makes beautiful dyed silk scarves..and if you look to the left, you can see, besides their smiling faces (Mum and daughter) little whales and some other toys- so cute!
On to the main stage, where musicians, some good, some loud, regale us at every Market Saturday..then the woodworker behind me, whose little 'stove' would have made my heart sing as a his stuff..
More later, as the season and the variety progresses.


  1. It's still chilly here too. =( I remember when I did outdoor fairs and prayed every night before that it would NOT rain because of course the table fee was non-refundable!


  2. I was the other comment - I didn't realize my old blogger name was up. Doh! But yes, chilly here and the weather is always a pain for outdoor fairs!


  3. Oh your booth looks really nice. That was fun to see some stuff about you so thanks for posting it. Today it was really warm, people in shorts. I actually turned my heat off today (hope I don't have to turn it back on). We went down in the Old Market and walked around and it was nice to see so many people out and about, people are just starved for some sunshine and good weather here and man they were out in droves today. By the time we left the pizza place tho the air was getting chilly and I wish I had taken my little jacket with me. I hope this means spring is finally here. That is too bad your stuff all got wet. I hope it was able to dry ok and be alright.


  4. such an impressive array of colors and it. We've been getting some of your weather here...rain, hail, sunshine and fog....waiting for the


  5. If you had a booth in any market I visit I would spend hours admiring all the treasures.