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Friday, April 15, 2011

Has Spring Indeed Sprung?

Yesterday while moving some stuff into my new place (just down the road apiece from my old place) it was cloudy and gray, but very cold, suddenly, and the wind really picked up, so, with an open-backed pickup truck ,decided that it was enough for today.
On the way home it started snowing and raining, that nice sleety stuff that we all dread..and I wondered, what is going on with the weather this year? Happened to glance up at the mountains, and sure enough, they all looked as if dusted with icing sugar..brrrr!!!
A fellow blogger in Omaha, Nebraska described the weather there-it was us, to a 'T'..hmmm...
And here I am, showcasing a new ArtFire Collection that celebrates one of my favourite fruits, the luscious and lovely strawberry, fabulously flavourful and healthy, too! As if it were already Summer, or something.
Well, enjoy the Collection and browsing my new strawberry jewelry- fell in love with these little charms and bought a bunch of them..more in my AF studio!
And, wherever you are, enjoy the weather at your place - at least for five minutes, until it changes completely, like here...


  1. Spring is trying to spring here but can't quite get off the ground yet. I see you got snow. We were supposed to get some this weekend but then they changed the weather forecast. It's 39 degrees here today tho after having been in the 70's for days. I do love the snow and cold best I admit but don't mind some summer too. I wish the summer lasted not as long as it does though. I don't care for really hot weather.

    I think your strawberry collection is lovely. I am the only one who eats them here so if I buy some I have to eat them all so I don't buy them that often.


  2. I love that strawberry necklace in that collection.


  3. Puss..I'm the only one here who eats them, too, but then that is normal for me. I just eat fresh ones for the first day, then spread them out on a cookie sheet, put 'em in the freezer till frozen, and then keep them there in a covered container and eat them at my leisure..I freeze 'em that way so they don't stick together and get mushy..

  4. This was one of my favorite collections ever! I love strawberries, and strawberry season, and it was such a great pick-me-up. Thanks for helping my strawberry necklace get a little love!

  5. Hi MizDarlin,
    How is your move coming along? Hope you like your new place, and glad to hear that you will have a garden to tend! Thankfully there are some really pretty flower beds at our new place, so I can still get my hands in the dirt:) So far, the weather in WA reminds me of Hawaii: it will rain one minute, then the sun will shine for a bit, then more rain!! The shops that I showed today are in Bothell, and are called "The Country Village Shops". You would love them! Take care!