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Friday, June 3, 2011

A Saga of Epic Disaster....

Hello. dear Readers!
Last Wednesday was my first time at the Chemainus Street Market, and quite an experience was has by all..
Personally, had a literal river running through my booth, as an out-of-nowhere flash flood decided to leave us a deposit, a big one, and soaked customers went flying off back to tourist buses, every seller ran to their vehicles to grab the supposedly unnecessary canopy walls to protect their goods...and I sold absolutely nothing that day...
Despite the epic weather and lack of sales, I met some nice people and it's always interesting to start at a new location; gonna try not to let myself get too discouraged.
In the pics I've included, you can see the unique pottery of Pogie, a man with a lot of charm and blarney who is a retired art teacher..I think his things are like no one else's, and I'm a big fan of the original..
The Holdens were selling next to me at the last Saturday Duncan Market, and here they are at Chemainus, too, with their fragrant (but not overpoweringly so) milled soaps and lotions..very pretty, and very reasonable, and milled soap lasts forever..
Maggie..what can I say, in another, wealthier lifetime I would love for this woman to tailor-make my clothes for me. You should see the delight on peoples`faces when they first arrive at her booth..
I`ve saved Bill, (looking down to make sure I get the full effect of his printed apron,) standing amidst the colourful flowers and produce of Providence Farm..I`ve blogged about the Farm before. Last year, I did a Christmas Fair at their pretty chapel building, in the middle of acreage and horse paddocks..they are a wonderful organization..but trust Bill to not be looking into the camera..
Well, off to the Duncan Market tomorrow, better weather, and hopefully some sales..
Canada Post began rotating strikes at Midnight last night (Thursday) so the giveaway will have to wait...


  1. Always interesting to see the people around you mizdarlin. Today we are going to The Taste Of Omaha


  2. Oh no! Well at least you survived the flash flood. Keep your chin up and your sense of humor about you!


  3. Sorry about the flood! hope next time it's nice and sunny! I'm praying for a nice sunny day for my show, too!!!

  4. WE are flooding here too mizdarlin. The river is overflowing it's banks and levies are giving way all over. People are sandbagging like crazy to try to protect their property. The water won't reach me personally but it effects many people here.