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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Twitter? Twaddle!!!

Tthere is nothing like Googling our names, or business name(s) to find out just how bizarre the online world can really be...
Apparently, I have a Twitter account with ten tweets as yet, which isn't terribly surprising since I do not now, nor have ever had, a cell phone, never mind a twitter account..what's going on?
Tried to find some way to get 'into' the twitter site to inform then that in fact I was not a participant in this silliness, and didn't want to have my name(s) attached to an account that was not mine..there is no account at all, and never has been...
Auuuuugggghhhh!!! The parrot is well and truly dead!
If you want, or are masochistic enough to need, an exercise in futility, just try, I dare you, to contact Twitter without actually having a cell phone to Tweet them! It's impossible...
Now my business name domain ( is coprighted, and so is the Domain name itself, so find it beyond irritating that someone (?) can simply say I have this or that when in fact I do not..
But wait! Perhaps the fact that I have gone to sites like HuffPost where they have tweets as responses to news stories, and might possibly comment on the tweets, without realizing it...could that be it?
Wish I knew how to deal with this...someone could say they were me and post anything, and I would really, really hate that...
Now what was I crocheting before being so rudely interupted....?


  1. yeah...I hopped on the twitter bandwagon when it first came out....didn't see the need for it after about a day...I'm just spontaneous sometimes...ok..most of the

    Around can find a treadmill on any given weekend at yard sales...apparently, people get tired of using them as wardrobe
    including me.


  2. I see 5those exercycles at yard sales, but di find them really uncomfortable to sit on..if I wanted to have that kind of creepy felling, I'd buy a thong..
    I do check the local sites all the time though..bound to get lucky eventually..
    Figure I'll program myself to do the treadmill if I'm watching TV...I'll have to, that way...yeah, sure....

  3. Guess how much that vintage bottle drying rack was??? $175!!! Yep! That is why I am only dreaming of buying it! A bit too rich for my blood!!

  4. Donna- I looked them up on eBay, and compared to those, $175 is a fabulous bargain! *Sigh* remember when eBay was a place where you found good deals?