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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Big One! Chemainus Annual Street Market!!

There is just a slight bit of irony in that title, because this is such a four horse little town (that's right, there are four (count 'em) horses downtown (all three blocks of it) pulling tourists around in wagons; I'm breathless with their laziness, but guess most of them don't know where to go anyhow..
And, every year in the brutal heat, Chemainus rents out 10X10 spaces up and down the main drag and people come from miles around to shop it and sell there...kind of like that giant 3 State one in the US, but much smaller..much, much smaller..
Still, everyone says it's a great sale, so looking forward to it..instead of having a yard or garage sale I'll share a space with a friend and get rid of a bunch of stuff...
Have to make room for more stuff, right?

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  1. It sounds like alot of fun to me! Hope you have good luck with your sale! As far as garage sales go, I am so totally unimpressed with the sales here in WA! Lots of junk, over priced junk! So, I have better luck at the thrift shops. And you must be getting all of the warm temps up there, it is freezing here!