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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Jewelry

I went on a wild spending spree (for me, that is) and bought a bunch of new's some of my newer jewelry items.
I have a real love for skulls - probably because I grew up in Los Angeles and was exposed from a very early age to decorative skeletons and such for Day of the Dead and Cinco de Mayo - Mexican holidays that seemed to blend Catholicism and native belefs into a potpurri of interesting and colourful images.
I also love turquoise- the colour, that is..always have...
I think that also must be a leftover of Southern California..lots of swimming pools in my past life.


  1. Love the skulls! I'm a reformed goth chick!


  2. goin' to Arizona for a few days...If I see anything you like...I'll pick it up for ya...seriously!


  3. Jeanine-
    A bit older than you, but always say that had I
    been born later, I too would have definitely been a Goth chick..I love the whole thing, especially the steampunk splinter group! :)

  4. Bunny- you can pick me up anything that looks wonderful (but please, at least 6 feet tall, I'm a tree!)..I see that you have picked up on my Southwest proclivities, too...
    You can take the girl out of California, but you can't take ...well, you know the rest!♥