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Monday, August 1, 2011

Chemainus Artisans in the

Had a spot at the "Artisans in the Park", an annual Chemainus 'event' that saw a total of 16, instead of about 60 artisans show up, and not many more folks to come by and view, and hopefully, buy...
As per many events these days, it was a disappointment regarding sales figures, but as always, there were enough bright spots to make it worthwhile..
In the photos below I encountered very talented people who had something unique to offer..and please forgive the photos, it's very difficult to take them in the bright sun, and with most vendors trying to hide themselves away in the shade...
The photographer, Tony, is also an accomplished carpenter, and agreed to build some display shelves for me..he actually understood what I wanted, something that hasn't happened in discussions with other carpenters..
There was a wonderful First Nations carver, proudly holding up a piece he was still working on, and selling the pieces on the table in front of him, beautiful examples of local British Columbia traditional work.
These amazing metal sculptures on view were, in my mind, the best stuff at the show, with recycled bits of silverware, old tea party and flower-arranging silverplate, copper, and otherwise, remanufactured into amazing fantasy creatures worthy of any sculptor..wish I had done better, would have probably succumbed and bought a piece from the seller...just wonderful!
Also the first time in many years that I also showed my paintings..and I got a good response to all my work, which is always gratifying..
As always, met some nice people and who knows what the future holds?

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