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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ComeNGetsy for Christmas? Please Pass the Crow...

I know, yes, yes, after all my whining and complaining, I really am considering going to Etsy again, at least for the next four months...
I have been on ArtFire now for almost a year, paying a very low monthly fee ($5.95) but haven't made a sale since last November...
I realize that the bulk of my items are seasonal (although they seem to sell in the summer as well as in the winter at my weekly Markets).
Still I can always remember, despite my annoyance with much of Etsy's methodology, that I always sold more there than at ArtFire, and with Christmas coming, why not list for four months and see what comes of it?
I have been getting into pointless discussions with other AF sellers in their Forums about the lack of sales...always, two kinds of posters, (me and everyone there who is a cheerleader for AF) but I realize it's a waste of time..
I refuse to Tweet, I can't even figure out how to create a working Facebook kiosk, much less waste my time fruitlessly trying to promote my site, when I need to be making the stuff to sell on my site.
So will probably go back there at least for the Fall and pre-holiday season..may I have some mayo and relish with that crow, please?


  1. Have you considered working on your photos? I find the backgrounds distracting. In addition, the hats look like they would fit strange and that may just be because of the mannequin head you use.

    I personally don't try to sell hats because I don't have what is needed to do great photos. I think models are important. Perhaps an exchange with a photographer might help.

  2. Hmmm...don't remember asking for a critique, and my hats fit so 'strange' that I sell the regularly sing these 'model' display heads..I fail to understand what is distracting abot a white background...and I've found that buyers think that selling something that is ooak is icky if it's been tried on by a human model..
    Then again, people who make the same thing over and over again don't have these issues...

  3. It's like a damned if you and damned if you don't type thing I guess. I never wanted to go near twitter either myself but once I tried it it was fun, although I tired of it quickly.


  4. Sure...go back. Do whatever your instincts tell you to do. I don't "get" twitter either but then again...I really don't wanna know what people are doing every minute of the day. Good Luck Wendi~