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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random Thopughts, Burps, and Lamentations for Autumn..

Can't help but notice that I am close to the oldest person I blog the sense of who reads my blogs and responds, and those whom I read.
I used to be the youngest person around, but my height and looks made folks assume I was much older, so I teneded to get away with a lot of things, that, in retrospect, may have done me not much good. But I wouldn't have it any other way; our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are...
Thinking about a blog I always read - and my friend was writing, as she has before, about the shock and sadness inherent in Empty Nest Syndrome..As a childless person who had to pretty much run away from home to escape my 'family', I find it oddly reassuring that there are parents out there who care in a positive, and not a possessive way, that their nestlings are flapping their wings and ready to fly, perhaps not completely away, but further afield.
As Autumn comes sauntering along, I often take stock of what I'm up to and where I seem to be going...the Canadian economy certainly hasn't suffered the same way the Yanks' has, yet it affects us in things like food prices and a lack of tourism numbers like the past years, which, of course, directly affects my weekly Market business.
At the same time, Autumn means that folks will start seriously considering keeping warm in the future months, not to mention holiday prezzies, so, it seems to balance out.
Just because I spent an exhausting, frustrating morning trying to photograph all the new stuff I've been making for the upcoming season, I am going to inflict on my reading public pictures of hats and scarves I haven't even listed...this will motivate me to get them listed, in case someone actually likes something I've made enough to buy it...
Enjoy this beautifully-coloured transition period, before Winter sets in with any seriousness..kick a few piles of leaves and think of me...


  1. My favourite season, it too.

  2. Well, I will be experiencing a fall in the Pacific Northwest for the first time this year. Not sure if I'm ready or not! I did find a really cute pair of rain boots in a catalog that I need to order! And I know what you mean about the empty nest syndrome, since I never had kids either! Sounds like you and your yarn have been busy:)