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Thursday, January 12, 2012

ArtFire Cash Grab Exposed...and Dealt With...

This is a somewhat cleaned-up version of a comment I posted on PussDaddy's blog, discussing the recent negative billing scam at ArtFire, and my subsequent departure from that site..
For those of my readers who are still ArtFire buyers or sellers, it is extremely important to keep yourself informed through the Fora there..otherwise you get these nasty little surprises dropped on you, complete with raging AF hags who swear at you and insult you for having an opinion..all anonymous,of course, so their is no payback for them.
Consequently I am now back at Etsy under the name hatwitch...although my banner still says mizdarlin, my shop url is or something.
Information passed on to those who need it...

..I was choked to learn about this little ArtFire scheme in ETSY Forums, that's right, knew nothing until there was a discussion posted in Etsy about it, which I recently rejoined..
Went over to the AF fora, was ignored, so decided not worth $6 a month for NO bad as it got on the big E, it was nevah that bad..funny, too, 'cuz that was the first time I went to the Etsy Forums since I about pertinent info...what angered the most was the fact that it was gonna be a negatively applied charge..that is, if you were a so-called Pro at a fixed rate and didn't want to pay for the add-on cash grab (for that is what it is) there would be a message appearing to buyers telling them that they had to trust you to do the right thing, that you weren't part of the Ass-surance program..what kind of happy horseshit is that?
Did Tony in his infinite wisdom think that the implied threat would motivate his sellers to pay "protection" money in the form of this surcharge..Think Again!
So, now an AF refugee, and have to say, a happy one..I can 'not sell' anything on Etsy for alot less money than on AF...and it definitely has more viewers.

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  1. I read your pithy comment on PussDaddy and between that and the terrible way people like CC Texan were treated, decided same as you - $6 a month for no sales just wasn't worth it. So right now, I'm homeless!
    I haven't been outside without my hat - love it, love it! Will get you pictures soon as I can, although my face was not meant for modelling!