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Monday, July 2, 2012

Honeymoon Bay Market...

Here are some images of probably the cutest Market I've ever seen (if not my most successful...)
I went there on Sunday, which in Canada is like the US Fourth of July,'s Canada Day, and I thought I'd take a drive and check out a new Market...this place is only open on holiday Sundays, the rest of the time, it's just a regular Saturday Market.
It was all built by the same man, little individual rustic spaces with a lot of personality.
The 'church' one has it's own bell, which kids love to  ring when they walk in..although it was hard to get the perspective of the little buildings, the church was the size of a large walk-in closet (not too large) and all the other buildings were small but sweet ..all had shelves and 'windows' for display..unique in my experience..guess, though, if I wanted a decent (financially speaking) market I should come on Saturday, when it's sunny, not overcast and cold like yesterday..apparently, vendors there are quite successful.
The last two pictures are of my temporary spot..wish I'd known ahead of time that I wouldn't need my tent and tables..could have made the inside more and learn...

A good lesson for anyone trying out a new Market for their handmade goods..believe it or not, it is always a risk..I have two weekly Markets now, and even though I'm an established vendor in my area, sometimes I do great, other times, no matter crowded or not, I sell never know.
I had about an hour's drive (admittedly, scenic...) and really enjoyed meeting many new people and loved the look of the Honeymoon Bay Market, but, financially, it was a total write-off...still, I will probably go back sometime when the weather is better, and on a Saturday, which is supposed to be a better experience.


  1. Hi Wendi; Glad you came out to our Honeymoon Bay Outdoor Market yesterday. Saturdays, generally speaking are better atended, and a little hit of summer couldn't hurt! We love our 'Frontier Town' atmosphere, and I'm glad you found it interresting and, I hope, welcoming. Linda