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Monday, November 5, 2012


No, not the Microsoft kind..just thinking about the way I seem to live so much of my day looking through windows, when the weather is inclement...
It seems as if it has been raining here for a month straight...this, after a record lack of rain for the Summer and early is beautiful, finally clear and cold.

Here are two images from my windows..what  are you seeing through yours?
Poor Richard's Almanac (yes, after all this time, still more accurate in projecting general patterns than all the modern meteorological forecasts!) says that this will be a mild winter for us, with snow not starting 'til mid-December...usually bang-on, so I'm hoping  that carries on in's rather difficult to travel in snow to craft markets that no one goes to because it's snowing...but I shouldn't  worry needlessly...
Hope you all have a mild Winter, snow if you want it, and my thoughts are especially with those on the Eastern Seaboard who will have a very hard Winter this year...


  1. What a gorgeous view you have!! My view is of neighboring houses and old brick streets. No snow scheduled for Orlando this winter. I am afraid our eastern neighbors have more headaches ahead!


    1. No snow in Orlando? Glad to hear it...Florida gets enough weather for all the rest of us put together!
      Old brick streets sounds nice...

  2. You have a much better view than I do. The love seat is gone but they moved out and left a couch in their yard. :-(


    1. Poor Puss..when I lived in Vancouver, I often had to deal with this sort of thing..but then I learned to call the City and they came and took such stuff away...