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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yes," Christmas Chaos" was a bit chaotic...

Not every story has a happy ending, but making lemonade is what it's all about, so...
Here are some pics from my Christmas Chaos craft fair last weekend..sorry about the lack of quality in the photos...I didn't have the camera set correctly, but you'll get an idea..
There were several good  crafters here...

I gibbled up my back on Saturday night, so missed Sunday...and I was going to go around and get everyone's name for posting here, so you'll have to be content with the pics, the crafters and my readers

   This lady had the most interesting take on neck pillows..see the animals at the top of the display?  They are all  stuffed in the body area, and the legs, heads, tails, etc. are hanging down on either side..very cute!

This is Naomi, who ordered this custom Dumbo hat from me..she has a thing about Dumbo...what can I say?

Here is a stained-glass artist whose work I quite liked...many original designs, instead of the usual five patterns reconstituted that you often see at fairs...I put a premium on originality, what about you?

This woman does silver 'weaving'...don't know what the technique is actually called but that is what it looks like..if you look at the  mandrel in her hand, you can see that she uses a needle to go in and out around it with silver wire, very fine stuff, and the results are so cool....very medieval looking, and she does some nice copper pieces, too.
Here is a pic of my friend Sue's table...she does a variety of crafts, from knitted baby things to beautiful miniature orchid arrangements..they are made from polymer clay but the constant question is "..are those real?" They could be, they are so beautiful, with hand-painted details...we are always on the lookout for tiny cups and bowls to  hold her arrangements, and we have gone to beautiful Port Renfrew, on the other side of the Island, to pick up driftwood that Sue also uses in her compositions...see top row...

And lastly, my display, which looks very dark and dreary in this image, but actually wasn't too bad..

I am still in rather bad shape, back-wise, seeing a chiropractor, and keeping my fingers crossed that my other three day fair, starting this Friday, is still feasible...cross your fingers for me...


  1. I think your booth looks fun and festive. When I was a vendor at my one and only event, I soooo hurt my back with all of the lifting. The best luck I have had for my back is acupuncture...Magic!


  2. I could use that cat pillow. Spud chewed a hole in the little pillow I sleep with and it started leaking little styrofoam balls so I had to throw it out. I hope your back gets better, too.