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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Leopard That Can Always Change it's Spots

This isn't a tutorial, rather an unpaid endorsement of a fab new yarn I've been wishing for and fantasizing about for for awhile, called "Safari" and made by Stylecraft Yarns, which according to the label comes from the UK..I bought it online from Herrschner's.
I live in the back of beyond, have to drive many kilometers to buy any sort of yarn and what I can get isn't very exciting...I am also allergic, heavily, to  sheep's wool, so that cuts right down on what I can use, as well.  Buying  online has really helped me..
I often to try to blend different yarns, sometimes three at a time, to achieve looks I can't find  readily available.
I have a leopard hat that was created trying to blend different colours of yarn to look as though it were a leopard's fur...

But now that I have this safari yarn to work with, I'm in crochet heaven.. what I've done, so far..

I'm planning on another hat, and this one will be for me...
Found any interesting new supplies that work for you?

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