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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Only In Canada, You Say....?

"Winter's day
In a deep and dark December...."

It's  an odd sort of feeling, that first fall of snow, especially when  Winter seemed as if it would never come..a sweater was enough
The big warm  coats were out and hung and ready, but no need...until  yesterday...
Here's the front and back yard...

I put up the brand new artificial ( :-\ ) tree..doesn't look too bad, but  do miss that  fragrant wafting of pine throughout the house.. as a renter with a newish carpet, I have no choice...*sigh*

A rather touching arrest was made here in Canada...the police found the lair of the
"Great Maple Syrup Reserve" thieves...oooohhhhh...this is front page news in the media, and actually, I am ecstatic that this is the sort of thing that makes headlines here....
Happy Holidays to everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Your tree is lovely and I love the view out of your back window. I have opted for some room spray that smells like pine and every now and then I give it a squirt. Not the same but...
    Yeah, I wish we had crimes like that, lol
    Have a Merry Christmas!