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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Where Do You Get Your Ideas...Part 3

As mentioned, here are some shots of the completed project...a faux straw crocheted cloche with a tiny brim and a 'colourful' assortment of pansies as a focal, with a bit of black satin ribbon around the base of the crown....
I am keeping this one for myself, as it took way too many hours to try and price it  at this point, but I will probably add it to my Etsy store as a special order, if anyone  wants to actually pay me for my time....
Two full days worth of work, around 16-20 hours I'd guess, and  I am  happy with the results, though not at all what I had  in  mind to start with...
But isn't that the way design often goes...


  1. That hat is so cute! I love how it's like a straw hat with lots of flowers on it! I can imagine the work it took.

  2. The flowers really are three or four times the work of the actual hat...I blend 3 different 'straw' coloured yarns to try and get the effect of faux straw, it seems to work out better that way, also mimicking the way straw looks when woven..thanks for the niceness!

  3. Very pretty. I am sending up a bottle rocket into the sky with your name on it mizdarlin for our 4th of July celebration. Oh, and Happy Canada Day even if I'm a bit late.


  4. Thanks so much an ex-Yank I can appreciate the concept...have a fun holiday!