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Monday, September 16, 2013

Custom Work in all it's Infinite Variety

I would guess that probably 30% of my sales are in custom hats..and I love it.
There's nothing more fun than a newly-minted idea hatched to the customer's satisfaction..and it keeps the creative juices flowing too
Sometimes I even get custom work from past custom work..I  made a 'version' of a Dumbo the elephant hat for someone who loves the character, huge flappy ears and all..Then another  woman saw it, went nuts and  stalked me until I was at another market and she found me through email..
She wanted an identical hat, but I don't do  that, so talked her into a different version of an elephant hat, in colours she loved..she was thrilled, and told me she is designing, in her head, her next custom hat..yes!

Of course, it's wonderful to be appreciated, and I  have a new one  just finished and waiting for pick-up..a woman wanted a newborn 'hat' or wig made of dreds as a gentle joke because the young parents, according to her, are sort of nouveau hippies..I  convinced her that a hat with dreds was probably a better idea, and I  thought a rainbow hat  was the most 'hippy' way to go..I also embellished it with a peace symbol, for added it is...
It's great fun to  create something  that works for both you and your customer...have fun with your custom orders!

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