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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rita Van Winkle, Here...

Not really asleep, (I wish!) just overloaded with  holiday markets and work..such is the life of a seasonal worker, which, of course, with  crocheted hats, etc. is what I am in Fall and Winter..
Just completed my last indoor holiday fair, now, two more outdoor markets before Christmas (weather permitting..)
It's been really cold everywhere, and here is no last outdoor market, two weekends ago,  was -7 Celsius (yes, I am insane) and not many customers braved the cold to stop by, but I did okay and got some custom orders I would have missed otherwise..
My last indoor market was in a local boutique hotel, right on the ocean, with a big picture window  behind me, and I amused myself between customers by watching some sea lions who were either  lazing on the dock, or swimming languidly in the bay...brrr! A wonderful venue, a new one for me, and I'll definitely do it again..
All in all this year, I've done too much running around and  too many overpriced venues that did not provide a decent advice, if anyone is interested, is try everything once, but if it doesn't work out...?  Stick with the tried and true, which of course, in my case, is the outdoor markets I attend..but be prepared, be honest, I'd rather be cold than boiling hot in  humidity (our summers here) so  don't mind too much right now..
To all and sundry, have a wonderful holiday...and a hopefully peaceful New Year.

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