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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A new Beginning, a new Market...

It's been a long time since I've posted here, and lots of changes in my life...I've moved to  our capital city, Victoria, here on Vancouver Island...and realized that craft markets here are thin on the ground..the few that are around are filled up, and ending soon, but I did find one that I'd like to share  with you, because it is  unique in that it is a Vintage (and handmade) Flea Market..and has two separate venues.
The outdoor venue,  still going for one more week,  is located downtown in a beautiful  old brick  building's patio..called Market Square, it also has shops and restaurants, and the Vintage Flea takes place on Sundays..
Here are some photos I  took, not too great because of the high contrast  of  a shaded area and a bright
sun peeking through..but bear with me.. Here is a  wonderful selection of clothing , gently used, or handmade, to peruse, as well as accessories..

This friendly

 lady knits  lovely things, and  wool socks, great in our cool weather, are  one of her specialties...

Some beautiful vintage items

These  great vintage Christmas items really brought me back to my childhood..wonderful! Marlys was offering these right behind me, and we had a great time talking and laughing and getting to know one another..and that is one of the many joys of Markets, the social aspects are at least as important to me as selling my  pieces...

Here is my crazy crowded spot...have to (someday) remember to  download all these items, take pictures, edit, transfer them to my Etsy shop...well, may be later....

This was the beautiful antique table of a couple who also have a shop..wonderful  things from Asia and beyond...

This was Sue's prettily decorated and arranged  vintage table..she is a riot..
If you look on the lower left of the image, you can see the lid and part of the body of an old steamship wooden hat first covet of this market..gorgeous!

More beautiful  things to buy....

And finally, Valerie, who manages the Market so  well and also has her own tables...don't know how
she manages!
 In  October , we are moving indoors to a  place just west of  Victoria, called Esquimalt...but Valerie  told me she got the okay for a holiday Market  back in the Square...can't wait!

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