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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A New Market, A New Place to See and be Seen...

Had my first  visit to a new Farmer's Market here on the Island at Cobble Hill Aggie Hall..what a nice  day it was..not too cold or too hot,  beautifully green and such a pleasure to be set up in a grassy area under trees, instead of on concrete, the norm here...
Had a wonderful time...of course, it is very small  right now, but  considering it is a start-up and only a few of us were there  selling our wares, had a successful day and will definitely go back..
Here are a few  (bad)  images from the day..unfortunately very cloudy and  so the light  wasn't  perfect - I had to take them on the fly while also minding the  store..
If you are in the area on   a Sunday , stop by, 10 - 3..we'd love to  see you!

this  was the market manager's  table, and he had home,made challah, which I  hadn't  seen or tasted in 30 good!  Just like  Grandma used to make!

This baker's  cinnamon buns were sinful..gonna have to try and  control myself..yum!

Beautiful perrenials..made me jealous 'cuz I'm a renter..*sigh*

The  prettiest radishes I've ever seen from Manna  Farm..and gorgeous  berries below...

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