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Friday, June 3, 2016

Yes, Still Alive and Kicking...

Anyone who is still reading this  must be bored or really love me, lol, I 've been gone so long from this project..
What has been happening?  Well, lots of moving around, trying  out different  markets, seeing what works and what doesn't..
I try to give  every opportunity  a fair shake, because  you can never tell in advance what will be  practical..although you can often tell that something won't work for you at's a few tips..
Chances are, if  the focus is strictly on  food and  fresh produce at a so-called Farmer's Market,  you, as a crafter, are usually just filling a spot and helping to support the seasonal selling of farmers..that might be okay with you,  you may do well in spite of that, depending on what you sell...but...don't assume that it will be a good fit.  I find that  there are  few  Markets where  artisan work is  appreciated or sells have to try out different things.  Because of this, I always recommend that your first  foray into a  Market should  be as a drop in..a seasonal spot  can be an expensive gamble, and if things don't work out, as a drop -in you have lost very  little but  one day vending fees and your time..whereas, if  a market proves disastrous, there is no guarantee that you will  be refunded  your seasonal money (most  markets won't refund...) and you can lose considerably, not just in fees but  alternative markets might be full so that season of selling  could be wasted..all these issues, and more, have happened to is especially important, if you live  in an area where  holiday  markets are popular, to get  your application and fees in as soon as  the  sales are opened for vendors to apply..otherwise, you may lose out on a spot..
I know that most of this sounds  somewhat negative, but believe me I am   putting it on this blog for the best of that you can profit from my experience if you are new to this world..

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