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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hugs and Kisses, and Interpretations Thereof...

Last winter, my pal Dana, a great jeweler in her own right, was preceding herself through doorways, and having to stretch her little tees over an increasingly large mound in front, aka, a big ol' baby bump..
In due course, Brodick was born (I'm callin' him Brody for short) and I saw his teensy self at one of my Saturday Markets..proudly ensconsed in Mom's arms..
Dana apologized to me because he wasn't wearing the little hat I'd made for him..she could have fit the entire baby in the hat at that point..
Now, a few months have passed and Dana sent a photo of sweet Brody in his new hat, so I'm gonna share it with you!
By way of explanation, it's a Kiss hat, no, not the rock group, the candy..and because I didn't want any nasty letters from a certain chocolate company whose name begins with an H, I stamped kissing lips on the white 'paper' twist at the top.. look up...♥


  1. Awwww! So sweet! What a fun idea, and Brody sure is a little cutie pie!

  2. So cute! And the baby is too - lol! =)

    Thanks for the tip on Etsy for supplies. I have bought some supplies on there but I never just how much one could buy on there! You're right - bye-bye corporate nonsense!

    xo, Jeanine